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Cyber Security & Cyber Forensic

Let secure the Digital world

About This Course

This is a Penetration Testing & Information Security Workshop. Learning can be through theory and practice; when theory is put into practice, there is a thin line between perfection and distortion. The workshops provide you an intensive session which will empower you with knowledge; that is inaccessible to most, in a simplified and easily graspable manner. The objective is to provide web security to any and every user of the internet. We envisage a world where all Internet users are at a level footing. No one should be able take advantage or be taken advantage of by porous web security. In the workshop, we teach our students how hackers break into the
systems and websites so as to make them aware of the possible loopholes and therefore, making them proficient in reverse penetration. By doing so, they are able to create a virtual wall between their data and the penetrators (hackers). This workshop will enable you to carry out attacking as well defensive methodologies which will help you not only protect but also assess your safety and vulnerability ratio.

Contact Hours of Training

10 Hours Training

Practical: Theory Ratio


Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and perform Information Gathering on Digital Foot Prints.
  • Understand Email attacks and will be able to protect their email accounts as well as social networking
  • Accounts from these attacks.
  • Analyse Malwares from a computer system and remove it manually.
  • Understand Web Application Attacks and will be able to patch them to produce a secure web application.
  • Understand Security Architecture of Mobile Platforms.


Basic knowledge of computers and internet technologies.


The course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your acquired skills during the workshop and understand its usage in a live environment

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Course Modules and details of the program. will be mailed after registering into the course.

Importance of Information Security - (1/2 hours)

  • Introduction to the Hackers and Hacking Terminologies
  • Communities and Types of the Hackers o Steganography
  • Key Loggers & Windows Login Bypass
  • Conclusion

Introduction to evolving technologies - (1 hours)

  • Network
  • Technology
  • IP addressing
  • Ports
  • Proxy Servers
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • NAT
  • Web Technology
  • HTML Basics
    PHP Basics o

Information Gathering - ( 1/2 hours )

  • Digital Finger Print
  • Who-IS
  • Search
  • Search Engines
  • People Search
  • Website
  • Scanners
  • E-Spiders
  • Web Archive

E-Mail Attacks and Security - (1 hours )

  • Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Desktop Phishing Attacks
  • Social Engineering Techniques
  • IDN Homograph Attack
  • Fake Mails
  • Email Header Analysis
  • IP Address Tracking

Malware Illustration - ( 1/2 hours )

  • Introduction to Malwares – Virus, Worms & Trojans
  • Trojans – Types of Trojans
  • RAT – Create Trojan
  • Anti-Virus Evasion
  • Trojan Reverse Connection
  • Identify & Remove Trojans from the System

Web Application Attacks - ( 1 hours )

  • Introduction to the Web Architecture
  • Security
  • Misconceptions
  • OWASP Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • SQL Basics
  • Types of SQL Injection
  • Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
  • Union Based Injection
  • Error Based Injection
  • Blind Injection – Union Based
  • Blind Injection – Error Based
  • Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
  • Session Hijacking
  • Test Web Application Firewalls
  • Web Application Firewall Bypassing (WAF Evasion)
  • Types of Control Panels o Upload Control Panel
  • Practical Session – 1 Hour

Google Dorks - ( 1/2 hours )

  • Use Google as Hacking Tool
  • Advanced Operators of Google and Google Dorks
  • Find Vulnerable websites using Google
  • Find Target Networks using Google

Secure Yourself on Internet - ( 1 hours )

  • Online Security Precautions
  • Secure Your Online Identity

Metasploits - ( 1 hours )

Reverse Engineering - ( 1 hours )

Buffer overflow - ( 1 hours )

Course Outcomes

  • Cyber Ninja Toolkit (Worth Rs 18000)
  • Each participant will get practical Toolkit (E-tool Kit) with tools used during the workshop, white papers, and other support software.

What is MCognition ?

The MCognition Initiative is one of the flagship platforms of TMS, wherein we work with the world’s leading companies to design and implement courses. These are tailor-made courses for students of various age-groups which incorporates a robust practical component and follows an intense corporate training method of teaching.

What is the refund policy ?

A full refund, will be given until 1 week prior to the course. Beyond this deadline, no refund will be entertained for the course.

How long is the course ?

The course length is 64 hours spread over 10 days.

Who will be teaching the course ?

Google Certified Trainers are in-charge of teaching the course. More commonly called Corporate Trainers, these are industry specialists and professionals, generally working with training employees in various companies.

Are there any pre-requisites ?

There are no pre-requisites to the course. The fundamentals are included in the program.

What is the conditional internship letter ?

At the end of the training program, a problem statement is given to the students to work upon for 2 weeks, following which their submissions will be evaluated and a letter of internship for 1 month would be awarded to the students. It is purely optional for the student to take this up.

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